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Drop the baggage and get on with living your life

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EXCESS BAGGAGE red Rubber stamp over a white background.

Life is meant to be lived. Yet we all carry baggage for much or all of our lives because we’ve accepted it. Some of us carry more baggage than others and are crippled by it. Stuff happens and we take it on. The problem is that it’s a heavy burden to bear.
But think about it. Some people are saddled with all kinds of issues, problems and setbacks that would bury the majority — and yet they carry-on, seemingly undefeated by life’s bullsh*t. They show up every day and continue to live their lives. It’s as though they don’t realize things are so bad — or at least, they refuse to be mired in crap.

These champions advance with the best of intentions and smiles on their faces. It’s as though they know something that others don’t . I suspect these positive spirits recognize that there’s gold in each of us – whether we realize it or not. There’s a diamond hiding in the rough and it’s our job to find it and polish it up into a life that’s well worth living. Heck, it’s the one shot we’ve got — so we better make the most of it.

You have got to believe in yourself no matter what circumstances seem to be playing out in your life. You are bigger and better than any circumstance or situation in life. You have what it takes to overcome any disappointment or devastating result.
The opinion of others about you really shouldn’t even come in to play because another’s opinion doesn’t mean squat, although most of us are negatively affected by the comments and opinions and cheap shots of others. It doesn’t matter whether that “feedback” is mean-spirited and intentional, or accidentally delivered through ignorance. This kind of negative impact can have dire consequences — but only if you allow it the room to exist. The thing is to try to not let that get you down and to look for evidence of the gold within because it’s always there.

There’s no shortage of opinions about you and your life and all the things you’re doing wrong. F*ck that! Those people don’t realize you’re one of a kind, capable of greatness. Consider where that negativity is coming from and chances are those people are not the most “together” or successful in the world — so who the hell are they to criticize anyway?

It’s easy for people to slam another and yet, what are they doing with their life? It’s best for you to simply disregard the appearance of things and to discover the truth about you.

You’re the only one who can make your life a masterpiece and you have the unique abilities, talent and experience deep down inside to pull it off. The only problem is you’re carrying around all that baggage. Take stock and realize what’s going on in your life. That’s an essential first step. You’ve got to do this before you can turn it around. Maybe you’re knee-deep in monkey sh*t at the moment. But it’s just something you have to deal with. It’s got nothing to do with you and your potential.

You do what you must do to turn it around. And only you can do it.

The truth is you are capable of anything that you set your mind to. One reason you’re living the life that you are currently is simply due to the baggage that’s dragging you down. It’s holding you back. When you head out and you start getting new results, notice how other’s opinions of you begin to change. Some people won’t actually like the transformation, preferring to keep you down for their own twisted pleasure. But as you begin to make headway, you will have new data that proves that you are not just capable, but you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there. You’ve just got to convince yourself of the greatness within and act on it.

The trick is to just put any doubt any lingering doubt on hold just for now. Then you can get your mind to do what it takes to get what you want. With this kind of focus, you begin to make things happen and then you have new results to prove your true potential.

Shut out all the negatives. Shut out all the naysayers. Shut out all the people who are quick to criticize.

Next, revisit what you know is true know — that you are one-of-a-kind — that you are one of nature’s creations, full of potential because that’s the truth. Then it’s just a matter of making it happen in a way that’s obvious to everyone.

Whenever you’re down and out, it’s important to have something you can rely on to lift yourself back up. It’s like an emotional bank account, something you can go and withdraw from when you need to. You want to have a moment of inspiration when you need it most. Motivational quotes, walks in nature, beautiful artwork are just 3 possibilities. But you can use whatever lifts you.

You’ve got to get the mindset right first before you can move ahead and change your life. You’ve got to rid yourself of the baggage and it really comes down to your mindset.

Anything that you don’t know – you can learn. You can read about it or watch videos. If it’s been done before – you can do it. Even if it hasn’t been done before you can still probably do it, although it’s a lot easier when you have someone else to follow.

If there’s information available there’s evidence that somebody has been successful and if there’s evidence, that same proof is available to you. So if there’s something you really want to go for, learn about it by taking all the information you can to make it happen. Then do it.

You can have any kind of life you want if you want it enough. You’ve got to decide this is your life and you only get one chance to live it. But done right – one chance is all you need. Your chance is here. Go out and make the most of it.


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    This is really lovely. If one follows this, one can succeed in life, by overcoming any obstacles. This gives lot of

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