Earning $10,000 A Month

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Now, the title of this blog post is something which I believe most of you out there aspire to achieve in your career.

But how do you go about it, to be able to increase your income until you earn at least $10,000 a month?

Well, a lot depends upon the skills you have or are willing to acquire and how much passion you have for those skills. There are skills that pay a lot more than other skills, and there are skills that don’t make you any money at all. The key is knowing the value of the market you operate in.

The question you need to ask yourself as you begin your planning toward bringing in $10,000 a month is not how to get paid or earn $10,000 a month, but rather how can you create $10,000 worth of value a month. Essentially, creating value for the marketplace or for others will lead you to earning $10,000 each month yourself.

Now think about your skills. What skills do you have? Make a list, and don’t just include what you think of as work skills. If you are a carpenter but can play guitar, list both things as skills. Take your time and write down every single skill you can think of, no matter how trivial.

Now separate these skills into two piles. These two piles are skills that people will pay for and skills that no one is likely to pay for. Be brutally honest. Are you a wiz at jumping rope? Will anyone pay you to jump rope? Do you make an incredible carrot cake? Will anyone pay you to make them a carrot cake?

Now take your pile of salable skills and separate them again into ones you have a passion for and those you don’t. You might be passionate about making carrot cakes or you might not care. The key to creating your own wealth or $10,000 a month is combining those skills which you have that people will be willing to pay for with your own passion for using those skills.

So do you have skills that others will pay you to use that can create $10,000 in wealth for yourself every month? How many of these types of skills do you have and are you passionate about them? Those are the two components that can lead you to creating that $10,000 a month.

Look again at your list of skills. Then look at the following list of skills that today’s market is willing to pay a high dollar amount for. Do you find any of these on your list? If you do, focus on the skills that will create that value for others.

I did some market research, and came up with these 4 categories:

  • Training/Workshops – Is training or teaching on your list of skills? Can you give a public speech, and are others willing to listen to you? Do you have training skills? If you do, then you need to find a subject matter that you excel at, are passionate about and that adds value to others’ lives. Invest in your own training skills and invest in that particular subject matter. It is not unusual for a two-day workshop to garner $1,000 per participant. Get 10 people to sign up for your one- or two-day workshop and you’re done for the month.
  • Training/Videos – If you can train, can you make videos that are as engaging and as entertaining as your workshops? You can create and sell training videos online for anywhere from $10 – $20 each. There is a huge online market for this and even though it may seem overwhelming to have to sell almost one thousand per month it can be done.
  • Membership Sites – Take what you are an expert at and instead of turning it into training workshops or videos, create a website and sell memberships that allow the members access to the content you put on the site. Fill the site with content that your members want. Provide information in the form of videos, blogs, tutorials, links, and articles all to a value of $50 – $200 per month. Your success depends on how many members you have to reach your earning goal. At $200 per month you only need 5 members. At $50 you need 20. If you can get 100 members you can charge as little as $10 per month per member.
  • Writers – Freelance writers can make this kind of money. If you love to write and are creative and persuasive, then this could be your game. Start small with some of the online freelance sites and work your way up to more and higher pay per hour or pay per article. Eventually you can reach the level of hundreds of dollars per article and only need to write ten or so a month to reach your goal.

It is clear that there are many ways to earn $10,000 per month and all of them are related to giving others something that they can value at the price you are charging for the service.

At the end of the day, do what you are skilled at.

Get new skills that you have a passion for and that others value. Then just do it!

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