Freedom, most of us take it for granted..

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Freedom, What does it mean to you? Watch this quick video I shot in Niagara Falls, and make sure to watch until the end, there is a short exercise for you. In my next video I will help you break down the steps to achieving the freedom you seek in your life!


  1. Julie Rayner

    The freedoms I have:

    1. The freedom to “leave this page” when one of those “cure/cleanse/lose………. in just 3 minutes” online presentations has been droning on for ever, and is nowhere near revealing ………………….. so thank’s for being brief!!!

    2. The freedom to turn off all media and retreat into the garden and be with nature

    3. The freedom to be myself, without divine or any other intervention, in the knowledge that I will do no harm

    The freedoms I would like:

    4. The freedom to see the wonders of the world without having to consider that country’s safety.

    5. The freedom to live in peace as a consequence of the world’s population deciding to “do no harm”.

    1. Christine Barger

      Freedom… life, choice , hope..
      what I want , wealth, health , to travel at will

      1. Cathy Mahaffey

        I need that in my life,because I feel like I’m just struck here

    2. julia

      I am grateful for the freedom of owning a house and being in charge of myself. I am grateful for my 8 year old son whom I am teaching to be free and independent. I am grateful and feel freedom in starting my own health coach business right now as I write this.
      I would like to make more money, invest and have financial freedom – freedom to travel the world and learn and see other cultures. I would love to learn another language and have more freedom travelling the world.
      Peace of mind, focus and success. reading more and continually learn new things.

      1. Salma

        Julia you said everything I want, and am grateful for, only that I want to become a life coach.

        Can you tell me which course your doing?


    3. Noémia

      Freedom I love and I ever wanted:
      – Travel
      – Be With the man I love to have a healthy and beautiful life together.

      Three things I want to do in freedom:
      – Be creative sharing messages
      – Work online
      – Have fun

      Thanks Winter Vee. You are a must!

    4. Kathy

      1. Freedom of Great Health

      2. Freedom of a Calm Mind

      3. Freedom of Seeing the Positive as Well as the Negative of situations

      4. I would like to sell my house as it would allow me the freedom to move on

      5. I would like to be able to start a business that would allow me the freedom of doing what I love

    5. Flora Ferrier

      The Freedoms i have are no cheating husband, its better being lonely than having heartache.
      I have freedom to come and go as i please and no one can say any different.
      I have the freedom to choose just who i want in my life and i have the final say.

      I would like to venture on with my Spiritual Lessons.
      I would love to be more Abundant in Wealth and have a more secure life.
      Enjoy your time with your wife at that lovely place. Many Blessings to you both.

    6. David Dow

      Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,
      I’m as free as a wondering star
      I’m free to do as I choose (as long as the wife agrees)
      I free to say what I like (unless it causes pain to others)
      I free Friday night( nudge nudge wink wink)
      Thank you thank you thank you

    7. Manon Laurin

      The three freedoms that I currently enjoy are first good health, second drive my car, third of reading any book.
      The two freedoms that I am seeking are first my Financial income as being self employed, and second artistic talent fully expressed as a paintor.

      thank you for allowing me to think about freedom,
      Manon Laurin,

      1. JOHN ORIO

        Dear Millionaires,

        I would like to have freedom of
        owning my own business, which
        would make me have important
        things in life plus Education for
        my family.

        1. JJulius Lambert

          1. Freedom to be able to learn anything that I want to learn outside of traditional learning methods.
          2. Freedom to travel the world, and to experience other cultures, peoples and countries beauty.
          3. Freedom to pursue having my own business both online and home based.
          4. Freedom to be an Entrepreneur and practice free enterprise.
          5. Freedom of thought and expression in many genre artistically.
          6. Freedom to have massive success in life, all areas of life.

    8. Esther Acosta

      Freedom is something all of us desire and needs. It’s our ultimate wish. Nice video winter.

  2. Joy Lynn Rosser

    I would ask the freedom to think our own thoughts instead of what others want us to think.

  3. Julie Voigt Olson

    Freedom to enjoy the Beautiful Gift of the State of Minnesota
    To. Enjoy My Family
    To Work towards My New Self
    What I would like to have iß a career I love
    To.Be free to travel mors

  4. Akobundu

    1 Freedom to travel to anywhere anytime
    2. Freedom to trade my knowledge and skills in helping those that need it.
    3. Freedom to enjoy some time and comfort with my children and essential /significant others.

    The from I need.
    4. Freedom to worship the Lord God Almighty , the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ.
    5. Freedom from evil associations and relationships.

  5. Wanda

    I am Thankful for, The bed I got out of this morning, the Creator, that allowed me the Brain to write these things, the Water for my shower, the air I breath that is not polluted, the Sun shine in my face when I go out side and walk around in my garden and yard, the gas that heats my home ,my home with 4 wall ,door and windows, and a roof,the food I eat and the ability to be able to cook that food if I chose to, the coffee I drink for all of the Farmers that grow what I don’t grow,for the people to crop , and deliver ,stock,that food,spices, noodle makers, I cream and the Cows, Chickens ,pigs,the land ,the birds singing,
    What I would like to increase, Friends, money,better health .(less Pain)

  6. Demitriah

    1. Freedom to reach my highest potential in life without interference from racism, sexism or discrimination.
    2. Freedom to be my authentic self without prosecution of others.
    3. Freedom to enjoy this beautiful world in safety and travel around it.
    4. Freedom of jealousy, and ALL other diseases that harm and destroy people.
    5. Freedom to always know I am safe and no harm will EVER come to me or my love ones.

  7. Linda Krzyzan

    Formerly from WNY area gad the freedom to visit the falls frequently. It was a spiritual rush but tranquil at the same time .air, land and water. I have peacefully detached myself from miserable bosses, negative family members and so called friends. I recently retired and no on social security income which is Highly limited. I desire financial freedom, continued good health and a tranquil soul. I only have $100 monthly for food/expenses. I would love financial freedom to payoff my travel and see the wonders, mysteries of the world..ancient n beautiful sites. I have a generous nature and would love to recontribute to charties and worthwhile causes…but under present financial circumstances , this is not possible. I want to create art website and persure my artistic talents. Make money at that and make artistic contrbutions to those appreciating my talents.

  8. Linda Krzyzan

    Formerly from WNY area had the freedom to visit the falls frequently. It was a spiritual rush but tranquil at the same time : air, land and water. I have peacefully detached myself from miserable bosses, negative family members and so called friends. I recently retired and only on social security income which is Highly limited. I desire financial freedom, continued good health and a tranquil soul. I only have $100 monthly for food/expenses. I would love financial freedom to payoff my travel and see the wonders, mysteries of the world..ancient n beautiful sites. I have a generous nature and would love to recontribute to charties and worthwhile causes…but under present financial circumstances , this is not possible. I want to create art website and persure my artistic talents. Make money at that and make artistic contrbutions to those appreciating my talents.

  9. Nickolas Didonato

    I just my business after working very hard at for 21 years I am 59 I don’t want to go back into the field again I am exhausted from it but I don’t know we’re to,I friend of were. I am especially worried about my wife any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  10. Destiny

    1.Freedom to acknowledge God have a purpose for me in this world & how he still manifest his present in me so I can live behind this negative situation & move forward to something way greater.

    2.Freedom to acknowledge between right & wrong

    3.Freedom to understand why others behavior certain way they do.

    1. AND Now I’m Seeking freedom to Detached myself from an emotional abuse dead beat soon to be ex-husband.

    2. Seeking freedom to have strength, more wisdoms , built faith , trust, love in myself, be free from fears of being abandoned , be independent , be detach from anything negative people, word, pattern

    Seeking freedom to leave a positive attitude harmony peaceful and to love & believe in myself and most & all to have a great relationship with God always.

  11. Monina Grace

    1. Freedom to breath fresh air
    2.Freedom to express my thoughts
    3.Freedom to work late freedom to travel around the world. freedom to take a long vacation.

  12. Hastinah

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  13. Michelle

    Freedom to get a job and be able to put food on the table.
    To enjoy my kids who piss me off at times.
    The freedom to enjoy my partner without stress and lack of.
    The freedom to be able to do as I did before.
    The freedom to enjoy the beauty around me and appreciate the blessings that I have.

  14. Hina Khodiyara

    The 5 freedoms that I am grateful for:

    1. The air that I breathe.
    2. The heart beating in my chest.
    3. To be able to teach what I love doing.
    4. My sense of humour, which helps in not taking my life too seriously.
    5. The roof over my head.

    The 2 freedoms that I am working towards:

    1. To have complete financial independence.
    2. To immerse myself in all my passions.

  15. Anupama jain

    I m greatfull for the freedom of appritiating and regnize myselef as a beautifull bieng .freedom of initiating the steps taken by me in growing as a healthy body at 52 years ageand so on all that is happened with me till now.

    Only one two things of freedom i want to seek is guidence to make every bieng recognize themselves as a beautifull gift by nature and listen to thier body then following the word goverment rules or views manging and controlling thier minds
    Second is abolishon of this system called goverment who r few in no and running millions accordind to thier ways by controlling there freedom of thinking,growing the feeling of oneness.

  16. Judi

    I have freedom to enjoy my beautiful garden and look at the flowers and tree and watch the birds

    I have freedom to drive my open car through
    the Countryside and lap up the sunshine

    I have freedom to visit my family and friends
    and enjoy their company

    I am seeking freedom away from pain in my
    back which restricts walking and tires me by having an MTI scan and seeking treatment

    I am seeking freedom from money worries by thinking of new ways to increase funds

    Thank you for your blog it made me realise
    what a lot I have to be thankful for x

  17. Sha'Wakanee Willis

    Freedom… choose my spirtuality path, from old toxic relationships, freedom to live in a country where I can’t be turned from things bc of the way I look.
    Freedom I would love….financial freedom, freedom to have a location independent career that I love.

  18. Earnest

    1.. To be creative with anything artistic
    2. To be me and know who I am as person
    3. Freedom of life

    1. of wealth
    2. Time

  19. Edward A Pritchard Jr

    I am free from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

    Would myself to own my own farm land with a lake, spring house and cabin on it.

    Would allow financial freedom to come into my life as soon as possible.

  20. Drew Littleton

    May 22, 2016

    Freedom from confinement. free to be out spoken, Frank.
    Unrestricted, Permissions in cases of movement, improper familiarity,
    Free to promote Brotherly love . free speech,
    free thinker.
    free trade.
    Power of voluntarily making my own decisions.
    freedom from my actions being determined by divine will
    or casual law.

  21. Batool Naser

    Freedom to live in my own home
    Freedom to travel with my family
    Freedom to work the job i deserve
    Freedon not worry about what others think about me
    Freedom to buy whatever i want

  22. Frankie

    Freedom to be my own person – sometimes
    Freedom to speak my mind – limited amount of times
    Freedom from others opinion – most of the time

    I’d like to go to Niagara Falls – one more time
    The freedom from teaching others – occasionally

  23. Jerome

    wonderful to have guided and rewarding focus.
    in my own accounting business, I can work my own hours but I work long hours with little income now.
    I have freedom to read, study , church and church school on Sunda and study God’s word.
    freedom to relax on my own schedule.
    freedom to travel on my own schedule
    freedom to praise God all the day through.
    free to workship

  24. Salome

    Today I have a feeling of freedom, I went walking in the Woods with my sister and her dog ………,no worries, just walking in the countryside, it was raining but we love it!

  25. Katie

    Freedom to speak my feelings.
    Freedom to have my own spiritual beliefs.
    Freedom to travel in safety.

  26. Robert B Coy

    The FREEDOM we try to obtain is controlled by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. All are freedoms under the Constitution are lost. I am a retired man, and an EX-MARINE who once took an oath to protect this country against all threats foreign and domestic. I have the freedom to challenge the Corporations that are taking away are rights, and return America to a REPUBLIC! I fight this fight every day, day in and day out! The freedom of money will not exist if “WE THE PEOPLE” do not fight back!!!! If all the people are united, we could stop war, starvation, and cruelty, and bring peace and prosperity to all!!






    sign,. YOUR. TRUE. FRIEND

  28. Althea (Allie) Southwick

    The freedoms that I enjoy today:
    Having good health
    time to think, write, imagine and enjoying my own company
    Motivation to learn more about technology and it’s positve impact on my life. (It’s a real challenge)
    To end- I am 86 years old- I am a teacher, I am an author, I am a musician- I am happy, love people, projects, etc.

  29. Deborah Rodgers

    I feel free to decide what to do with my life on a daily basis. I am grateful!
    I feel free to choose.

    I’d like to be free in my choice of which country I could live in.

    I’d like to feel my freedom was being protected by the very government that is trying to take away my freedoms.

  30. Chris

    Freedoms :

    Freedom to choose Joy everyday
    Freedom to be in the present moment, enjoying the Journey
    Freedom to love my friend, forgetting that they had been my enemy

    I want the Freedom to make a difference in the world using the abundance and money that flows to my dream
    I want the Freedom to invest my time and energy and money into others dreams

  31. Zora

    1. The freedom to choose my thoughts – at least in theory, and most of the time in practice…

    2. The freedom to choose what I will have to eat

    3. The freedom to love what I want

    4. Freedom to travel whenever and wherever I wish

    5. Freedom to DO whatever I wish, WHENever I wish

  32. Tamara

    1. freedom to eat what i want
    2 freedom to choose my career
    3. Freedom to watch the shows that i like

  33. Athney Spaull

    1. enjoying the freedom of no encumbrances
    2. The freedom of being truly independent
    3. The freedom of awaking every morning to greet a new day
    4. The freedom of seeing a beautiful sunrise and sunset and knowing there is a creator of this wonder.
    5. The freedom of the knowledge of my true Identity and this knowledge has set me free of bondage to things in the physical.

  34. Mimi

    Freedom I have:
    1. Good Health
    2. Good Family
    3. Fantastic Country – USA and State – CA

    Freedom I aspire to:
    1. Financial freedom to allow for travel and immersion in other cultures
    2. Freedom to help others full time
    3. To learn more about many subjects that interest me

  35. Cory

    I’m grateful for the freedom I’ve been given to explore my spiritual path due to my family’s support.
    I’m grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones, free from illness.
    I’m grateful for the freedom of thought that I have leading me to amazing realizations and profound experiences.

    I aspire to:

    The freedom from uncertainty and anxiety about my future due to listening to my intuitive guidance.
    The freedom to travel and experience more of the world, expanding my mind and inspiring others.

  36. Asha

    1. Freedom to love myself.
    2. Freedom to always be in good company.
    3. Freedom to be myself.

  37. Frank

    Freedom from identification with my body; freedom to go to my office at the time I choose; freedom to choose with whom to stay.
    Freedoms I am looking for: freedom from limitation (like country boarders, people not feeling the oneness, authorities dictating how to behave, media telling what to think, etc.); freedom from the money game.

  38. George Battle

    Three freedoms . #1 Free to travel anywhere in the USA, #2 Freedom to speak the truth whenever or wherever I am in the USA; and #3 freedom to say no to injustices in the world.

    Two freedom that I’m looking forward too. #1 Living in a world of peace, #2 Being able to worship my God as He gives me utterance!

  39. Lungi

    I would like the freedom to travel,study,build wealth without worries of what will happen to me If I quit a steady income. I would like freedom to be able to express myself in writing and teaching without having to doubt what I am capable of.

  40. Tiabrihani

    Freedom in wealth and financial abundance
    Freedom in health and happiness
    Freedom in travels

  41. Suzanne Keaton

    Freedom I have:
    1. Choice
    2. Career
    3.Be around the people I want

    Freedom I want:
    1. Finances in abundance
    2. Time
    3. Travel whenever and wherever

  42. Helen Charles

    I enjoy freedom from an unhealthy relationship, freedom to be me, freedom to enjoy peace and quiet… Seeking wealth and abundance.

  43. Ronald

    Freedom I have
    Freedom to go to the office anytime I want to
    Freedom to enjoy peace and quiet
    Freedom from an unhealthy relationship

    I am seeking wealth and abundance


    hi winter 3 freedoms i enjoy & 2 that i’m seeking are >>>>> 1) good health 2) to work everyday 3) who i hang around with 2 are what i’m searching for is a very simple way to attacked >>>> wealth & abundance in my life as i need you to help me to attracted >>> Darma & good Karma.— WINTER I’M FAILING & NEED YOUR HELP—- thank you

  45. Jeannette Gaiter

    I would like to have the freedom to be myself, the freedom to work from home, and the freedom to enjoy the serenity of my home.

  46. timothy

    Freedom to and study for master degree overseas on sponsorship,
    2.freedom of piece in this world, 3.freedom from smoking and masturbating ,
    4.freedom from sickness and other health problems,
    5.I want job, marriage, career, financial and wealth freedom.

  47. Ijeoma E. Osuji

    I have the freedom of life this day

    I desire the freedom of touching lives and discovering potential talented individuals

    I desire the freedom of finacial abundance

  48. Pauly Gee

    Great message!
    Three freedoms I have:
    Freedom to create my own destiny.
    Freedom to choose healthy living every day.
    Freedom to help others.
    Two freedoms I am working towards:
    Freedom from all debt
    Freedom to work online from anywhere in the world

  49. Catherine

    Freedoms I have: time spent, choices & where to live.
    I would like to have freedom of difficult finances & obsessive negative thoughts.

  50. Baguor Mapuony Matai

    I want a freedom of travelling to Australia bcz all my young sisters n brothers have no support of going to school it’s me struggling now getting some jobs inorder to support them n i have no permanent job since i have nt complete my high school ….
    1.Am happy here but am streets sometime.
    2.To support family went u havent complete school his somehow streeting me becz all my classments are in Unviserty now yet am home.

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