1. Merrie Ann Rodarmel

    Congratulations Rasheed on what you’ve been able to accomplish! I enjoyed your suggestions and Audible is also a favorite of mine. Thank you Winter for tha sharing

  2. Brett

    Hi Rasheed, I think you must have led an extraordinary life and would like to ask you a question. Since you were first on the streets at age 14 I imagine you must have experienced depression at some stage, so I was wondering what advice you would offer to a single 55 year old man whose life is crumbling all around me. I know it is important to stay positive but it is extremely frustrating when nothing you try works as you hoped it might.

    I am happy if Winter has any suggestions as well, thanks for reading.

    Kind Regards


    1. Verena

      Hi Brett, it sounds as if you are going through a really tough period. Well, I have had so many downs in my life that I found at a certain point that i could pull myself through bad periods by the rope of knowing that there always will be sunshine to give the crops energy to grow after rain, and there always will be rain to water the crops after sunshine. And sometimes a rainbow, :)

      What also helps is to stop something that isn’t working. If you want something but it is only going with a lot of resistance, it is not good. There should be some flow at least.

      And it helps to practice the prayers of gratitude. It reminds me of all the good things that I already have, or have experienced. And that helps to be more relaxt, and keep on going with courage and a smile.

      Oh, and feed yourself with things that make you smile: youtube films of puppies, pictures of flowers, articles about people who achieved succes after putting in their efforts, talking with a beloved person, taking a walk. And avoid things that make you feel blegh.

      Good luck Brett!

  3. Barbara Basta

    Very grateful for your life lessons, it is helpful to remind as the simple steps to get to success, which are difficult to do in speed of every day life…

  4. Janice

    I find it very difficult to financially invest when you are on a limited income to invest. I find it frustrating to achieve your dream when your not able to purchase the basic tools to get started. I have tried a few online dead in get rich websites and skeptical to put my money in the next get rich business adventure. Now I am on a tight income unable to take risk with my income. However, Rasheed story was a great rags to riches story to encourage anyone that want to take risk and believe they can over come anything.

  5. Carole Franske

    i appreciate each little video. I started making a daily list to get to my goals. I often only get two things done a day. They are usually two things that I had sort of never had time to do before. Now all the little jobs that never got done are getting done. I am working on doing things now on a priority basis. Very helpful. Thanks Carole

  6. lela karaulashvili

    Hello Rasheed and Winter! Thanks for this video, I really appreciate it. Always a great reminder of making daily tasks and goal setting!

  7. Judy Helm Wright, Pet Grief Coach

    Hello from beautiful Montana,

    Thanks for the affirmation of written goals and the power that happens when we actually commit to paper where we are going and the stepping stones along the way.

    I have over 20 books on Amazon and they were all written one paragraph at a time. When people say “You are so lucky” I just laugh. It takes determination and a solid intention to succeed.

    Thanks for sharing and caring.
    Judy Helm Wright, Pet Grief Coach

  8. Antho

    This video and message is touching, with a great story Rasheed! Thank you Winter for this!!

  9. Greg holt

    Thanks for puting this out there . I think it is real important to be able to share this kind of information among people. So people like me are able to see and understand that it’s possible to achive success , no matter what your circumstances might be. I hope you will continue to do things like this. I find it especaially useful to be able to read other folks comments and post one myself. This is the kind of thing that gets groupes of like minded people talking and lurning from each other. Keep it up and thank you!

  10. Rebecca

    Hey there ….

    Do you have a 3 weekend seminor …. am living between Bali and Melbourne Australia …. would love to learn …. thanks a million

  11. Ian Attong

    Great reminders to me.
    Sometimes we forget that we are capable of achieving anything that we set our minds to do, be and have.
    As Napoleon Hill put it :”Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve !”

    Write down our Most Important goals/tasks for each day and TAKE ACTION to accomplish them .Tick them off as we do them.

    Read and/or listen to positive, motivational books, cds,etc by successful people each day!

    One final quote : “What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

  12. Maria Pereira

    Thank you so much for that.
    It showed me I’m on the right track.
    And yes, knowledge is the greatest power of all. Learning and educating yourself and having a believe system will take one far.
    Well done.

  13. Joy Hunt

    Thanks for video, but as I am deaf, these are no good to me without subtitles.There must be lots more people in the same position. Can you help.?

  14. Mary Ibrahim

    Ninaahukuru sana wapendwa wangu kwa ujumbe mnaonitumia, ila tu ninasikitika kila nikitaka kufungua video huwa hazifunguki na kama zinafunguka ni kwa shida sana, na mimi sijui. lugha, video huleta mchango mkubwa sana wa kuniwezesha kuelewa japo sio sana ila hunisaidia, ni matumaini yangu kuwa halii hii .

  15. Suzi Mathews

    Thank you for the starter model for success. I needed to hear that planning and writing down goals is a building block to success. I write down my goals but don’t seem to reinforce my end result. Your three suggestions in achieving success have given me inspiration and a guideline for everyday enforcement.

  16. Sandra

    Life is an adventure, the journey is what you look forward to, keep it positive no matter what life throws at you. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Michael Hewitt

    Thank you Winter letting Rahsheed share his story with us.
    My problem is I set really big goals what c
    I can’t achieve-so it would be good to make them smaller.

  18. Bruce Johnson

    That was a great interview. Thank you. It shows that he things we do every day build on each other and lead us in the direction we have chosen. Life is Amazing!!

  19. Michael

    Thank you for making this video and asking Rasheed to share actionable tips. Another way of expressing what he said can be stated “keep your eyes on the prize and keep stepping towards it, big step or little, many or few”. I just started making my to do list again. I know it works, and really doesn’t take much time but too often I have stopped doing it.

    For Brett: Sometimes things happen to move us in a better direction than the one we had in mind. Rather than focusing on the fact that things are not going the way you planned, focus on what you can take from the situation that can help you take another step. In my life things have rarely gone as I have planned, but in the process I have become known as someone who can get things done. I have learned to persist until I succeed but other the road to that success is crooked and bumpy!

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  21. Peter

    thanks for the incite on how
    to move to my end goal, I did not realise that
    I am doing this now but in a mixed up way
    thanks for putting it in order for me
    I like the idea of the daily goal setting
    Cheers Peter

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