Realize Your Life Purpose In Minutes

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In the grand scheme of things, we are all searching for the same things and we all need the same thing – to find our purpose in life. Why are we here and what are we meant to do? Even if you don’t believe that you actually have a purpose, you can still discover what yours is. Belief in a purpose is not a prerequisite to discovering it.

Here are 6 simple but disciplined steps for you to do just that:

  1. Clear your mind of everything you have been told about the purpose of life or about life not having any purpose. The clearer your mind is, the more open your mind is. The more open your mind, the easier this process will be.
  1. Believe in the process. Expect it to work. The more you expect it to work, the more quickly it is likely to work. It does not matter whether you believe it will work or not. It will work without you believing it will as long as you keep at it.
  1. Now, prepare paper and pen, or use your word processor, and write down this headline: The Purpose of My Life.
  1. Next write any, and all, answers that pop into your head. Don’t judge your answers, just write them down. Don’t worry about grammar or complete sentences. Just write whatever comes into your mind.
  1. Do this over and over as many times as needed until the answer touches you so deeply it moves you to tears. When this happens you will know that the phrase is the purpose of your life.
  1. It doesn’t matter if you think this is the dumbest thing you have ever done. Stick with it and you WILL find your life’s purpose.

This exercise can be completed within 30 minutes or it may take days.

The first things that come to mind will be false answers. That is why you have to keep going until you have a heartfelt emotional response to the answer. That is how you will know it is real.

Do not give up if it takes a long time or you don’t like your answers. Keep doing it until you get the answer that moves you to tears. For most people, that comes around 50-100 answers. It could come in the middle of the night, while in the shower, or even while you are commuting on the metro.

You will experience resistance and you need to push through it. Soon you will find some of your answers almost reach that emotional state but not quite. Keep asking. Only when you are actually moved to tears will you know you have reached the real, authentic purpose of your life. For most people, this entire process will only take an hour or so.

When that happens, you will feel your spirit lifted and your energy in a soar.

Now you will feel energized and ready to go. Remember how that feels because there will be days you forget about your purpose when you are trying to live it out. Even if you have always known what you were called to do with your life, doing it is not always the easiest thing. But once you do this exercise and name it again, you will feel compelled to live it.

Most people have no idea what the purpose of their life is or why they are here. Then, the answers may also change as you live through your life. You might know in your 30’s and 40’s what you are supposed to be doing and you do it. Then you are 50 and your first purpose is fulfilled. Now the question arises – What is the rest of your life going to be about?

Understand that you were born with several purposes. You might complete your purpose earlier on and still need to answer another in a later stage of your life. You might do this process more than once in your life.

The real quest is to be sure that your life is spent in doing something important and something for others.

When you do this you will have purpose and meaning in your life. Spend your life in service to others as that is the real purpose that we are all striving for. Whatever you do for a living make it your “right livelihood” as Native Americans say. Your “right livelihood” IS your purpose in life.

The lucky ones know from the beginning how to make their living while living out their purpose. You can be the lucky one right now.

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