1. Stephen Smith ⚡️M⚡️

    I don’t make resolutions, that way there no chance I will break them. I promise myself certain things for the new year and try my hardest to keep these promises. If I break my promise, so what? It was just a promise to myself so it don’t mean nothing.

  2. laurie donnelly

    Gracias por su correspondencia que provocó que me asegure que atenerse a mis resoluciones , y para mejorar mi persona en el segundo mes del año! Maravilloso video Mr Vee

  3. Anna

    I love New Years resolutions. I am very superstitious about the New Year. I work really hard in December so that all my bills are paid, and any leftover chores are completed so I can start the new year on a clean slate. Then it a great time to consider what I want to achieve in the next year. And since I believe in guardian angels I always thank them for all the help they gave me in the previous year and all the assistance they will give me in the new year. Thank your angels, they do so much for you!

  4. Marie

    Honestly, I have been taking small steps moving forward..but I seem to spiral downward cause I’m having a hard time really loving myself..taking care of urself in my era was never taught, everyone else came it’s been taking a toll to convince myself that I do matter and it’s okay to put myself on the “list”. Thank u for everything u do to keep us encouraged and accountable. Xo

  5. Clephane Roberts

    Thanks for the encouragement, the inspiration and most of all for the challenge to set sets and to follow through. My wife and I are on point and we are living life and really loving it.

  6. Djuro

    Winter is best of best! Core Belief is NO#1 IMPORTANT for success, for business and for life!

  7. Anna M.

    I have started the resolutions I have made ….still working on finishing them . #1 being organized #2 taking better care of my health .

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