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Let dissatisfaction drive you – how to restart or rebuild your life

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Own your circumstances. That’s the first thing you need to do to turn it all around. Instead of passing the buck — take total responsibility. Nobody can change things for you — you’ve got to do it yourself.
Ask yourself what more can I do what I have? Whenever you do more, you’ll often times find yourself making quantum leaps. You can start with no money, no resources and no contacts. Yet if you have a dream and a deep desire – you can go anywhere, attain any lifestyle you really want.

You have a dream and it’s this dream that is the essence of living. Commit to it. Claim it as yours. Allow it to become your consuming passion and it can drive you to greatness.

Let that dream inspire you to press on. Never ever let a lack of money or other resources get in your way. Do the first thing first. Find out what you can do by taking a personal inventory. What do you have to offer the world? Start using what you’ve already got and start from right where you are. What you’ll likely find — as long as you remain committed and expect results — is that money and the resources you need will begin to appear. It’s amazing how that works. I’ve witnessed it too many times to question the process of attraction.
In the spiritual realm, there are no limitations – except those you place on yourself. Money is a reward for serving other people. Do it on a grand enough scale and you will have the money you want.
Think big. Your dream must not only enrich you, it must leave a footprint on earth.

When you have a dream, find out what you need to know and what you need to do from wherever you are now in relation to the dream. Do first things first and you’ll find yourself propelled to the next level by simply taking consistent action. Do what you can do from where you are. The key is to take action and you begin to open doors. You’ll discover that you have the encouragement to move onwards and upwards even more.
With a dream, commitment, passion, and a desire to serve, you can build a multimillion dollar business. There is no limit to how far you can take this thing. The universe pays no attention to where you’re from, the color of your skin, your background, nationality, etc. We are all subject to the same natural law. Recognize that you’re the only one who can limit yourself. The only permission you need this from yourself. You just need to take action. Whatever you can dream about, you can accomplish.

It’s all about serving humanity. Figure out what gift you have now and who you can serve with that gift. You have a unique history and your experience is something that can be extremely helpful to others. But it’s your job to find out who you can help and what those gifts are. Use your time and your talents to add value to the lives of others by helping to solve their problems.

Solve the problems other people are facing regarding money, relationships, business, or wellness and recognition and opportunities you never could have imagined can come your way.

Self-discovery is knowing and understanding what you have within you. Many people are raised by hard-working parents and the belief is passed along that you’ve got to work hard with your hands from morning to night because that’s what it takes to succeed.

Whatever your dream is, if you don’t want it badly enough you won’t be able to convince yourself or the person standing next to you. use your past setbacks, frustrations and circumstances to propel you to a whole new life.

The things in your past should motivate you to greatness, not hold you back from the things in your future. Do you want your dream badly enough? If not — forget about it. And go back to averageville.

“Everything you need will begin to align itself with you. The best way you can develop yourself is to learn. When you empty your wallet into your mind at some point in time your mind will fill your wallet.” – Seni Hazzan.

To everything there is a season. There’s a season for sowing and a season to reap. You have to use your imagination and build dreams within. You have to do great things inside your mind in order to see them materialize outside in your world.

Your memory can do two things for you: it can lift you to an exciting new future or it can hold you back. It’s good to dream and imagine fantastic things. But you’ve got to take the steps – you’ve got to move into action.

The only one who can stop things from happening for you is you. You can dream anything and take the steps towards it and it starts moving toward you.

If you don’t take the steps, you will never know what you’re truly capable of you are richer, more powerful and more amazing than you can imagine. You may be broke now but the dream in your heart can take you beyond anything. If you have a strong vision you can change the rules. Transform yourself by discovering who you are.


  1. john

    Absolutely Amazing.Right from the first sentence to the last word was a very powerfull message.Inspirational,educating Absolute words of wisdom.well done winter.

  2. Aquina

    yes, it brought motivation and challenge for to truly taken ownership
    Bless you Winter

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