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The Manifestation Machine

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What you think does matter!

What you are thinking about is what you are attracting to you this very moment! What you are intending for yourself or for someone or something else around you is going to happen. And do you know why bad things more often than good things? Because we walk around this world with negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, anxious thoughts, worry, frets, cares and so that is what we are attracting to us.

Your thoughts and your words to yourself are so very powerful! Even the slightest whim that you do have an emotional feeling about is very likely going to manifest. You have the God given power to create in this life experience. You are here to create your own unique life experience. Creator gave you this gift and the free will to create whatever you want to create. You are an adult now and totally in control of what you are creating. Such power you have!

As children our parents controlled our lives as well as other authority figures. They chose what we would believe, how we would allow ourselves to be controlled by other people intentions and beliefs, how we should perceive. But now we are in control and we can choose to create anything we want with our intentions and what we choose to believe. Such freedom we have! – Yoda

The problem is that we don’t accept this power in our lives as adults and we continue to let others control us is so many ways. Sure you have to follow the rules if you want to play someone else’s game. There are rules at work and rules for example of how to do the dishes. There are not many different ways to do the dishes. If you want to do the dishes you follow a program of rules to accomplish that. You choose to follow the program when you choose to do the dishes. There is nothing wrong with that. So what we are doing is agreeing to follow programs to accomplish certain things. At work there is a program you are expected to follow that they have set up for you. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to do this. But it is still your choice to follow that program and do that job.

Everything that you have an emotional feeling about becomes an intention. It will manifest in your life. An intention is a thought consciously that includes an emotional feeling. The thought is the car. The emotion is the gas. Together they will take you where you intend to go. But how many of our emotion packed thoughts do we have each day? What is the main thought with emotion in your life right now? Is it fear of losing your job? Then that is what you will manifest. Is it fear of lack of money or things in your life? Then that is what will manifest in your life. Do you see the power you have here? That emotion of fear or worry or lack is very powerful gas!

Are you worrying about future moments, imagining all that might occur with fear or lack? Then that is what you are manifesting. Are you thinking about the past remembering times of fear or worry or lack? Then that is what you are manifesting more of now. Get out of the past and future and live in the now fully. This is your moment to create.

If you want to manifest beautiful things in your life you need to understand that positive emotions should be the gas you fill your tank with, not negative ones. How much time do you spend feeling good, happy, hopeful, excited about something you intend for yourself? No wonder that we manifest so many sorry things in our lives!

We need to dwell on the positive, not the negative. We can throw out our worries and fears and frets and dwell on good emotions and soon find that so many good things are beginning to manifest all around us. Love, peace, joy, contentment should be our driving emotions constantly. If we could just learn to have positive emotions all the time we would manifest that into our lives in so many ways and find ourselves being happy all the time because we are manifesting good things into our lives.

Don’t blame the boss or the spouse or the kids for what is manifest in your life. It is an inside job and you have the power to turn things around anytime you wish.

When we choose an intention we are setting what Don Juan Matus calls the “inexplicable forces” into work to bring that into manifestation in our lives. We don’t control the inexplicable forces. We simply push the button on this huge machine that chugs and churns out what we wish to manifest, in its own way. So when we choose an intention, we set into motion the wheels that will manifest that intention in whatever way the machine brings it to us. The inexplicable forces set into motion the circumstances and situations in your life to manifest that intent. It may be that people come into your life or leave your life. It may be that the conditions to move or change jobs are set into motion. If your intention is to learn patience, then situations and conditions that will teach you patience will come into your life. You may find yourself waiting, waiting, and waiting in all kinds of situations because you asked to learn patience.

The students in this course have pushed the button on the machine to learn about the powers of the Shaman and the tools of shamanism and so it is. The machine is cranking out the situations and conditions and experiences into your life to let you experience these things. Many of you have now found that you can indeed meet with your guides. Something you never intended before but now you have. You may have found that now you can access your inner senses much more easily because that is your intention now where it was never your intention before. You may find balance and peace in your lives now because you have intended to find balance in your lives, where you never intended this before. Those of you who have an emotional feeling about this course, a desire to learn this, an excitement to have this new experience in your lives are seeing these things become manifest in your lives faster and more beautifully than those students who are just reading the course but not intending to experience this for themselves.

Healing also works in the same way. Everything works in the same way. It is easy and always works. Those who have a positive emotional feeling about healing are pushing the button on that machine, setting those inexplicable forces into motion that will manifest healing in their lives. They have a positive anticipatory emotion about getting well. They are excited and really want to get well and by gosh they do get well! But those who are frightened, worried, fretting, or those who find some benefit in staying ill do not have this emotional gas in their car, this positive emotional feeling and so they are not getting well, at least not very fast because they don’t’ have any gas in their car. They may think they are setting an intention, pushing the button on the machine, but they don’t have the emotional feeling to get well in truth so no button is being pushed.

We push the button on this machine without even realizing we are doing it. We see something we desire and we have an emotional feeling about that desire and guess what? We just pushed the button on the machine. Suddenly the forces are at work bringing the conditions, circumstances, situations into our lives to attain that desire. How they are developed is out of our control. But now our lives have changed and we have this new set of circumstances or conditions that bring that desire into our lives. Did you really desire that thing or were you just desiring something that wasn’t really what you wanted, or good for you? But now here it is!

Many people have many desires. I want this and this and that and not that. Each one is pushing the button of the machine. I want is an emotional feeling. But in truth they didn’t really want it, or didn’t want it enough, or were not committed to having that thing but yet the machine is at work manifesting that condition situation or circumstance into their lives and soon they feel overwhelmed with situations they must experience now, situations they don’t like.

When we commit to an intention we are agreeing to get that intention in whatever way the inexplicable forces bring it to us. The machine will bring just what you intend. But it will bring it in its own way according to the universal laws, according to what is around you and what energies are in this world. We spin the wheel and we get what we intend. We just don’t control in what way we get it. So when you choose an intent you are agreeing to accept the manifestation of that intent in whatever way it is possible considering the conditions and energies around you at that time. You are responsible for your choices. You are agreeing to take the manifestation however it can be manifested at that time. (Hint: There is a time to push the button and a time not to push it!)

Sometimes the energies and conditions are better than others for manifesting your intent. It’s much easier for the machine to manifest riches if you are in a position where riches are part of your belief system. Where having money is something you are comfortable with and can easily handle. A condition where having money is not seen by you as some kind of burden. “Oh, now I have to pay taxes on this money! Oh, now my relatives will all be knocking on my door trying to get loans from me. Oh, now the family will bug me to move to a nicer place. ” You see what kinds of emotions these thoughts are producing in you? Do you think that the machine will find the conditions and energies available to produce riches in your life in an easy way? Or will these thoughts produce negative energies and possibly some limits to the manifestation of the desire for riches?

Lets take another example. Lets say you wish to manifest peace in your life. So you feel positive about having peace in your life and you push the button on the machine and then you begin to notice that nothing around you is peaceful at all. The conditions have now begun to clear away any situations in your life that are not peaceful so that you can have peace. Yes the machine points out the weeds in your own life that are restricting you from having peace. The machine cuts the grass around your spiritual home and you can see where is good grass and where there are weeds. Now all you need to do to pluck out the weeds and you can have a nice grassy lawn. That is what you asked for. That is what you intended. Peace.

So all the situations in your life that are not peaceful are clearly shoved in your face to get rid of. See what I mean by, we push the button but how that intention is manifest is not up to us? Peace could also come to you by throwing you in a hospital for two weeks. Guess what? You have peace because no one is bugging you there. Peace could also come to you because a friend suddenly walks out of your life; a friend who didn’t know peace and didn’t encourage peace in your life. Suddenly boom, that friend is now gone and you have what you intended. Peace.

Did you get it the way you wanted to? Perhaps not. Maybe now you are upset because you lost this unpeaceful friend. Maybe what you really wanted was this friend and not peace in your life. Can you change your mind now? Well maybe yes and maybe no. But the real question is, why did you intend peace when you really didn’t want it?

So my point is to be sure that what you are intending is what you really want. You are going to get it. You are not going to control how you get it. So you better really want it under any circumstance no matter what.

And remember too that even a passing thought can be an intention if it has the gas of emotion behind it. Some people go through their day thinking,
” Oh, if only I didn’t have to go to work today”. They push the button and then they can’t start their car. They call work and say they cannot come in. This makes them feel bad and embarrassed and limited. So they call the car repair and go through all the work to take the car to the repair shop and they feel miserable and they think, “Man I hate that job so much! They make me feel so bad whenever I can’t make it work. This is not my fault! I hate that job anyway.” And now the machine is at work making you lose your job. So you finally get home and think, ” Well I have the day off now and I can get a lot of things done around the house. Yes that will be good!” And the machine brings all the things you have to do at home into manifestation for you and you are suddenly working like a dog trying to get things done at home. And you think “Boy, I wish my spouse and kids would pick up after themselves so I didn’t have to do all this work. Why are they such piggys!” And you push the button on the manifestation machine. And the kids come home from school and you are already angry with them and you shout at them and they are disobedient and unruly. And your spouse comes home and gruffly says, “Where’s dinner?” and you just blow up at your spouse. The family eats take out.

You see how this person created this day for himself or herself?

How do you create your day? How important is it to choose your thoughts deliberately? How important is it to realize that even what you think can push the buttons on this inexplicable force machine and manifest your thoughts into your day?

Lets see an example of a longer-range intention.

So you want a better job. You have the emotion behind this intention. Suddenly your job becomes harder for you. You have pushed the button to remove you from that job you are in. You find you no longer like this job even more than before. The people at work are acting differently. The job load increases. Well of course, because you have pushed the button to get a better job. Pretty soon you quit this job because it has become intolerable and you are looking in the want ads for another job. But there is nothing there you want. Or nothing there that suits you. You go to interviews but no one hires you. Why? Because you are intending a specific job. You are trying to control how the machine manifests your intention. But we cannot control how the machine manifests our intentions. Or maybe you really don’t want to work at all. If that is your intention then of course you are not going to find another job. Maybe you have negative feelings about working. Maybe you only want a certain kind of job. Maybe you don’t want to drive so far to that job or do that kind of work that the machine has manifested for you. Oh, now you don’t want what you have manifested. This happens all the time. We don’t want what the machine has manifested. We don’t want what we originally intended when we pushed that button. Whose fault is that?

So make sure that you really do want what you say you want. This is why we cannot allow our emotional bodies to run our lives. This is why we have to the captain of our own ship and not live according to “how does this make me feel”. If we live that way we are just pushing the button on the machine all willy nilly as our emotions sway to and fro all the time and we are manifesting all kinds of things that we had feeling for one minute and don’t have feeling for in the next moment. Yet they all become manifest in our lives. What a mess! And we wind up with the situations and conditions in our lives to fulfill our emotional desires of yesterday or last week but we don’t’ feel that way now. Yet the manifestation is here and we now get to deal with what our emotions chose to manifest last week. Yuck!

So choose deliberately. Choose wisely. Realize that what you want is going to manifest in your life. And how it manifests is not up to you. All the chaos and difficulty in your life today is the result of what you chose to manifest at some point in your life. And most likely is the manifestation of an emotional desire, not a well thought out deliberate choice on your part.

We are in control here. You have the power to manifest anything in your life that does not go outside the energies and conditions that surround your life today. If you believed that you could just pack up and go live in Hawaii, you could do that. How that would manifest however is not in your control. You would have to be willing to work with the inexplicable forces and go along for the ride in any way to achieve that manifestation. It might mean moving away from people you care about, from the schools your kids love, from the money and income and job you are used to doing. Are you willing to do this? If not, then don’t intend this for yourself.

Sometimes the ways that the inexplicable forces manifest your intentions are so foreign to your way of life that you don’t’ even perceive that your manifested intention is right in front of you. Your desires for the status quo prevent you from seeing that the machine has produced that manifestation because you don’t really want that manifestation. So now you have not moved to Hawaii because the real conditions of moving away from the life you are familiar with, used to, are just out of your desire to perceive that manifestation. This is to intend something that you would never really want.

Yet the conditions and situations for that manifestation are all around you. Perhaps your friends are moving away form you. Maybe your family has an air of unhappiness that you cannot explain. Maybe your job is no longer a happy one. Maybe there are other problems and issues in your life now. But even though you put out the intention to move to Hawaii you have long forgotten about that intention and never really meant you would really want to move to Hawaii. You just wanted a vacation. But you pushed the button to move to Hawaii. And now you have loads of problems in your life and don’t know why. At this point you can always choose again. You can choose a new intention deliberately and find the words to phrase it simply and directly. That you want a happy life right where you are.

Be careful with what you think. Don’t let your mental body run your life because your emotional body is going to go through the ringer. Don’t let your emotional body run your life because you are going to find things manifesting that you no longer really want. You be the captain of your ship. That eternal you, that higher self you, is the captain of the four bodies. Choose things that benefit your spiritual self, your eternal self and understand that you are going to experience the manifestation of your intentions however they are manifested.

Sometimes it is better to intend nothing and just let life carry you along like the beautiful river it is. Experience life each day as an adventure and gain all you can from the adventure. See all you can. Perceive all you can, Take it all in and be glad for the ride. You are here to experience life, after all.

And if you are really, really brave you can intend what Creator intends for you. You can push the button on the machine to manifest what Creator wishes to manifest in your life. Again you cannot control how that will manifest. But it will be for your highest good. It may certainly not manifest into what you want for yourself. In fact, I can guarantee you that it will not be what you want for yourself emotionally or mentally or materially. And it may not seem easier or happier or richer and will not have more material things in store for you. It takes courage to align your intentions with Creators intentions for your life.

It takes a brave warrior who is wiling to go in whatever way Creator intends for them to go, if it means a new job or a more menial job or less money or a poorer neighborhood, or to let go of so many things you have worked hard on your own to attain, it might not be what you really want for you. So you have to think about this.

Creator is going to put you where you can do the most good in this world. Creator is going to put a Light in a dark place. So you can count on becoming that Light and being that Light in a dark place if you align your intentions with Creator. Are you brave enough to do this? Are you willing to give up what you desire for yourself, what makes you happy in your own ego, and choose to push the button to bring into your life what Creator intends for you? You can’t control how this will happen. So don’t push the button for this until you are committed to living your life this way. It will completely change your life. It will bring you the spiritual gifts but it will also take away the material pleasures.

There is nothing wrong with material pleasures. Creator does not insist that you align with Creator’s intentions. Creator gives you free will to create whatever you choose to create. My point here is that you are in the process of creating your own reality right now. You are pushing the button on the machine with your thoughts, desires, wishes and deliberate intentions, too. Be careful! It might be better to intend nothing at all.

You know the saying “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it?” I guarantee you will get it. But are you deliberately choosing what you wish for? Or are you just getting hammered with the conditions and situations that you have manifested without even realizing that you have manifested them?

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