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What success really is and what it takes to get there

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Success in any meaningful endeavor requires a tremendous believe in yourself, especially when no one else seems to believe in you. You’ve got to be your own best friend and cheerleader. You’ve got to be able to pick yourself up and carry yourself through any challenge you face in life. That’s the foundation that’s necessary because everyone gets battered at one time or another.
Successful people have the willingness to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and carry-on because the dream is always bigger than any temporary setback. They persist. They carry on despite the sh*t-kicking they take — and some people really get pummeled. You think you face adversity? There are many who have it a lot harder than you. So suck it up and quit feeling sorry for yourself.

You’re going to have challenges thrown at you in life and in business and in relationships — that’s just the way it goes. It’s the nature of life as we know it. Nobody sails through makes $1 billion (or whatever), living in the lap of luxury without having countless pitfalls and traps come their way. And then there are those difficult people who cherish going on the attack and would like nothing more than to tear you down.
Nobody gets to travel a smooth road to success — that’s just the way it is. Go for something worthwhile and you can count on many speed bumps, roadblocks and assorted other obstacles along the way.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You’ve got to get out there and charge forward. Keep going for what you know is yours and what you know you deserve. Conduct business at every opportunity when the situation is right. You are a success the moment you commit to being successful and to take action towards what it is you want to accomplish. The minute you decide to quit – to throw in the towel, or that this isn’t “right” for you – you’re the opposite of success, a failure.

The key idea is to keep moving forward. Keep charging. Press on and continue to grow and expand and prosper. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal according to the late Earl Nightingale. And that’s about as good a description as you will ever find. But it’s also acting and feeling like you’re contributing to the world in someway. It’s not about you pushing your products and services on the world – it’s about you getting out there and giving the world what it wants.
Pay attention to other people and just do what you do to satisfy more of them. The more people you can serve, the more money you’ll make and the greater your success. To the extent that you contribute what others want will you be successful.
Head out into the world every morning with a smile. Go forward knowing that you’ve got what it takes. Get into a business that excites you, that challenges you. When you’re involved in work that lights your fire, it makes you kid-like again because you’re thrilled to be doing it. With this kind of energy behind what you do, it’s a whole lot easier to put in the hours and the effort.
Go after your dreams. Decide that you are going to change the world and you will. The bigger your dream, the more likely it is that the dream will help you overcome any obstacle. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a big target – something that would change your life – and then going for it with all the gusto you can muster. Life is fun when you’re out there going for it, when you’re in the pursuit of a better life and a more successful business. Those are good times, despite any challenges you might encounter day to day. When all is said and done and you look back, you’ll remember that these were some of the most important days of your life, the most fulfilling days that you ever lived.

It’s been said that there two kinds of people in the business world; those who make things happen and those who watch what happened. You can roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty be out there in the world, making things happen. This is a much more exciting challenging and ultimately rewarding experience than sitting back and waiting for people to show up at your store. That’s an approach that most often leads to failure.
Some people are content with whatever happens. But an entrepreneur at heart is never satisfied with the status quo. They continually pursue a better life and that’s what it is that fuels them. They want to change the word and they’re willing to charge forward to do it. No matter what, they move forward with a friendly disposition and underlying determination. They also develop a thick skin to handle all those people who are energy drainers.
If you don’t move forward, nothing is going to happen. Oh sure, you may get the token sale here and there, but you’ll never have the massive growth and success that you could have by putting in a massive effort.
All you need is the spirit and desire to help people and you can get through anything. Keep moving forward because your ideal is getting closer. The alternative is to is to relinquish your dreams and to quit. But that means going back to a regular job and a life of conformity and mediocrity. That’s not what an entrepreneur wants – ever. Keep moving forward and enjoy the challenges and you can create a life beyond your imagination.

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