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Outside influence – how to let opinion drive you to greatness

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Are you letting the opinions of others hold you back? If so, it’s time to make a shift in your life. What is it that compels a person to think that he can do the impossible, even when he hasn’t prepared for it? The secret is to want it badly enough that nothing will be denied you in your life. You don’t listen to anyone but yourself. You set out to make a difference and you turn wanting something into a deep passion because it’s passion that drives you drives everything you do.

You are a unique individual with God-given talents and skills and abilities, Yet, chances are you are not living anywhere near your potential. Some people have dared incredible hardships and yet ultimately achieved impressive success. What was the turning point? They decided that what they endured was not difficulty but opportunity. It’s making this distinction that made all the difference in the world. They stopped listening to the naysayers and began listening to that quiet voice inside.
When someone says you can’t do something, you can get p*ssed off and walk away and accept someone else’s opinion — or you can channel that anger or upset in a positive way. You’ve got to just go out there and do it – do it no matter what. If you’ve got character you’re not going to quit. You’re going to persist. You’re going to hang in there and when you hang in there long enough, you win.

When things really look bad, that’s when your closest to your big moment. That’s when a turnaround is about to happen. It’s inevitable if you stick with it. Sadly, most people don’t. They quit long before they get close to their moment. People give up because they don’t think the commitment is worth it. They don’t believe in themselves and they don’t think that they can get what it is they are after.

Of course there are responsibilities and accountability that goes along with it. You’ve got to learn new things and develop new skills. But that’s only natural because you’re stepping out into new territory and going for something bigger than you’ve gone for before.

It takes character. It’s important that you read and learn and make new discoveries. But it’s even more important that you go out there and apply what you learn. Don’t get overloaded with information to the point where you don’t apply it. You’ve got to take action because action is the real difference maker.

People have a fear of failure and that holds them back more than anything. But it’s actually good for you to fail. It’s good for you to stumble and fall. It’s good for you to be yourself and to get out there on the field of life. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue along. Learn what you can from every experience.

Surround yourself with strong, empowering information and that positive influence will be reflected in your mental programming. Read positive, uplifting material and listen to great speakers. Hang out with positive people and a positive influence must ultimately emerge.

Most people are trying to avoid the struggles in life and that’s why they quit. Struggling sucks. But struggling with the knowledge that you’re going for something big is not a bad thing at all, particularly if you’re committed to the outcome. With commitment, any struggles are just part of the journey. It might hurt now, but you are a champion and you are going to overcome any adversity and you will have the last laugh.

Quitting doesn’t get rid of the pain. If you’re throwing in the towel, it will ultimately come back to haunt you and it will keep you at the level of failure because once you fail, it’s easier to repeat. Once you quit, it’s easier to do it again. It’s painful when you don’t give it your all.

“Life is like childbirth. You need to go through the pain to enjoy the miracle.” – Rudy Riedinger

It can be encouraging to struggle or to watch other people struggle and ultimately succeed. The impossible dream is real in the mind of the person who is committed to greatness.

The best thing you can ever do is to take action with a deep-seated belief. Find out what you’re frustrated about and know that your moment is just beyond the frustration. If you’re not yet seeing it, it may be that you’re getting distracted and not taking enough relevant action.

There’s a process to attainment and there are certain things you must do. It’s up to you to find out what they are. Don’t quit on the process – learn to manage the process by knocking off one task after the next.

There are other ways of getting to your goal and it’s not necessarily the way you think. So be willing to be adaptable and flexible and to try different approaches. Keep trying and ignore those who suggest you try something else.

When you’re most excited about something, that’s when you’re about to have a breakthrough. This is what you should be pursuing because it’s what will get you up when the rough going knocks you down. Action is the key. Get out there and get knocked down. As long as you get up again, you’re going to win.

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