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True riches means living with a prosperity consciousness

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It’s not the money itself – it’s what money can do for you that gives value and significance to it. Most of us have been trained to think that money is everything. But in reality, money is and has always been merely a medium of exchange. You can have a lot of cash and not live with a prosperity consciousness and you can have little to show the world, yet maintain a mindset of absolute abundance.

Prosperity consciousness is a state of mind and it’s a state of mind that expresses itself and how you live your life. It’s an unconscious habit pattern and it’s something that we reveal by the choices we make and the way we live on a day to day basis.

When you’ve adopted a true prosperity consciousness, life is beautiful and abundant. There’s no shortage of anything. You can do what you want to do and life functions seemingly effortlessly and conveniently. Life flows and you flow with it. Living with a consciousness of abundance allows you to enjoy a much more enriching experience. But the key factor is not actually having the money in your possession — it’s all in the state of mind. Your state of mind is what truly represents your quality of life.

Your mindset or state of mind is driven by the subconscious and it also drives your behavior every day. The less you struggle to get things, the more you naturally become part of the flow where life is wonderful and effortless. The awesome thing about it is that you can change your consciousness from survival mode to ultra success and from ultra success to significance. When you become a person of significance you make your mark on the world and you share your gifts. You’ve gone from making a living to making a difference and of this you should be proud. It all begins with a shift in perspective.

With a prosperity consciousness you do what you want to do with your life and life functions without the typical stress, strain, frustration and pain. Will you have challenges? Of course – they are a natural part of life. But when you know deep down that you’re part of a limitless universe and that you can tap into that abundance whenever you want, getting over those challenges is much easier.

You’ve got to accept total responsibility for wherever you are in your life. the easy thing to do is to blame others for your results and that’s what most people do. But you’ve got to go way beyond that. You’ve got to stand up and accept that your life is of your own creation.

Give first in order to get – it’s a fundamental principle of success. In order to adopt a prosperity consciousness, you need to realize that life is about service to others. This is how people create more value in their lives. For example, when you give others all the information they want and need, to make a decision, more will want to do business with you. You’ve served them well by addressing their needs first and foremost.

Investigate by look beyond the surface. Figure out what it is that allows one person earn $100K or $200K in a year and then lose it all, while another earns as much or more every single month. What was going on in the mind?
Life is an adventure of self-discovery. Don’t be afraid to try something new. There truly is no limit to what you can be or do. Know that you are always in control and never surrender that control. Those things that you cannot control, learn to let go of and life gets a whole lot easier.

Who you are is nothing more than a product of your past conditioning based on your beliefs and environment. To change means to tap in to another belief system, another way of possibility thinking.

Notice your own programming as it comes to the surface and ask yourself – What must I be thinking in order to create this? Every result has a cause and the cause is always internal. If you’re not happy with a result, realize that it come from stinking thinking. The good news is you can rewrite any program and become much more prosperous on the inside, which inevitably leads to prosperity on the outside.

When you change your financial beliefs, you change your life. Money is not the key factor, it’s your mental state of mind and consequently the quality of your life. The mind is a powerful thing get rich in your mind and you get rich in your life. Most see money as a necessity for a wonderful life and so they’re never really happy because they never seem to have enough.

We’re taught that money comes from hard labor it’s a result of effort and struggle and actually earning big money doesn’t resonate with this kind of thinking. You can never make the really big money from hard labor – that’s just the way it is. You’re limited as to what you can personally do.

Many people of been conditioned by scarcity, thinking that there’s a short supply of goods. This leads to a life of struggle and survival where defense is a natural reaction. It becomes a habit to defend and protect what you have because you’re fearful of losing it.

One way to correct this kind of thinking and develop a prosperity consciousness is through affirmations. Repeated affirmations over time can dissolve negative limiting beliefs. You deserve to be wealthy and when you tell yourself this over and over again, you can actually change your internal program. Just remember that nothing you’ve gone through is ever wasted because life experience is a unique gift.

Break the belief that you don’t have money now. Act as if you are the prosperous individual you hope to become and create your own basic affirmation to underlie this truth. Read it often and read it with feeling. Play the role you want to play. Think, feel and act like the person you want to become because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference. This is how you change by changing on the inside first and it’s a vital component to developing a prosperity consciousness.


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