5 Keys To Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams

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Do you know that you, and everyone else, have a power within, something which can achieve unprecedented abundance and success?

But not everyone is able to tap onto this power within them, and that is why you see the disparity all over the world, the obvious classes of rich and poor, and also between those who can achieve their wildest dreams and those who are unable to. Is the inability to tap into this power something which can be bridged?

Yes, of course! And here is how you can do that with these 5 Keys:

The First Key: Identification

At the beginning, wherever possible, you need to identify your dream, you need to know what you want.

What is it that you want?

Fame? Health? Love? Wealth?

Be specific about your dream or goal, because the universe is going to listen. It is the universe which will grant you what you want, coupled with your effort of course. To attain what you want, you need to plan out your strategies and implement it. This is the first Key you must master.

The Second Key: Visualization (LOA)

LOA – the Law of Attraction. You may have heard of it, you may have not. It is a common term especially in the field of self-development.

The Law of Attraction defines that like attracts like.

Essentially, when you are always kind to people, people will reciprocate and be kind towards you. At the same time, when you continuously tell yourself you don’t deserve wealth (for whatever reasons), wealth will take the hint and stay really far from you.

According to Wikipedia, the Law of Attraction appears way back in 1891, in Californian author Prentice Mulford’s essays.

How do you use this Law to your advantage then?

Basically, the premise of the Law is that you believe that you will get it, and that is usually done by visualization. Imagine, vividly, the mansion you are wishing for, the cash registers ringing all day long, or that specific dream you have. Visualize it as specifically and clearly as possible.

Command the universe to manifest your dream as frequently and strongly as possible.

The Third Key: Meditation

In order to realize your wildest dream, it is important to remember that your feelings and attitude must be on a similar, if not same, level. In the human mind, there are as many as 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts on a daily basis. These thoughts can be more or less divided into 2 categories – positive or negative in nature.

As the name goes, positive thoughts are considered the best, because they affirm and motivate the attitude and mindset. On the other hand, negative thoughts play a cruel joke on the mind. They wreck havoc on your plans and goals, and put you down or erode your confidence, and distract or deter you from ever accomplishing them. At the same time, external factors can also come into play, when other people stop you from attaining your wildest dream.

There is where the third Key comes in – Meditation.

Meditation is essentially a process of mental activity to focus on something to bring about peace or satisfaction, and not be unduly distracted. It is useful and recommended by many people because it reduces stress, promote critical thinking and enhances the immune system. Meditating allows you to calm down, clear your mind and see the bigger picture.

The Fourth Key: Focus

You know what you want.

You visualize what you want.

You clear away your negative thoughts or overcome the intentions of those who wish you ill-will.

Besides the above-mentioned crucial steps to command the universe to grant your wildest dream, the effort you put in is as equally critical. This means you are to give your dream full and overwhelming attention. Visualize your dream as if you have already achieved it. Visualize all the physical indicators representing your specific success. Setting goals and milestones, repeating your affirmations, networking with people, implementing your actions steps – all these must supplement your command.

The Fifth Key: Love Yourself

The fifth and last key comes full circle back to you as a person – Loving yourself.

By learning to love yourself, pampering your spirit and soul, and nourishing your body and mind, you essentially make yourself happy.

When you are happy, the feeling of abundance is entirely “nutritious” for your well being.

Loving yourself gives you the courage to try new things.Successful man

Loving yourself gives you the strength to weather the bad days. Love yourself on good days and bad.

Loving yourself enhances your basic self-esteem and self-worth so that your confidence radiates through everything you do, including the wildest dream in your mind.

Get yourself fit and healthy too, so that your body is all geared up for success. Exercise on a regular basis, and eat healthy food, definitely not all those junk and oily and deep fried stuff.

Combine all these 5 Keys, and you accomplish and reap the fruits of your success!


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